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Ruby came to our family in June 2020. She was born April 25, 2020.
She has had all her genetic testing. She is genetically free from the common inheritable diseases Goldens often carry. The test results are listed in her K9 data link. She has had her hips, elbows, heart, and eyes evaluated. She has no dysplasia of either hips or elbows. Her pennhip was .38 and .40. 

Ruby's parents are also International Champions from Odessa, Ukraine, she is bred out of the Tramin lines.  
Ruby has a boxy head and shorter snout, she has a soft and wavy silky coat.   She weighs 62lbs. 
Her disposition is excellent, loves to snuggle, and is extremely docile. She does not meet a stranger and loves to be the center of attention. 

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